Development trends and stages of foreign investments


  • Shokhrukh Ochilov

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Foreign direct investment (FDI), transnational corporations, FDI liberalization, emerging markets, outward FDI, South-South investment, developed countries, developing countries, least developed countries (LDCs), services FDI, manufacturing FDI, natural resources FDI, sustainability FDI, intangibles, FDI policies, FDI regulations, special economic zones (SEZs)


This academic article traces the major developmental phases,
regional contours, sectoral shifts, and policy transformations marking global
foreign direct investment (FDI) patterns from the 1950s to current times. It
analyzes drivers catalyzing FDI growth, trends like increased developing country
and South-South flows, surge in services and sustainability-focused investments,
and policy changes expanding FDI access. The discussion synthesizes evidence
from UNCTAD's extensive database indicating over five-fold FDI expansion by
2020 and radical shifts in geographical and composition profiles.

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